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Thread: overclocking

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    Can anyone give me specific instructions on how to overclock a 400Mhz Celeron? I have a BE6 motherboard and have never overclocked before so don't want to be too daring. Is there a way by just adjusting a few settings in the bios...? Thanks

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    First you should probably get some better cooling for your Celeron. Next go into your SoftmenuII and change the CPU Speed to "User Define", then start out changing the bus speed to 75Mhz. Make sure you change the "Speed Error Hold" setting to disabled.

    When you find a bus speed setting that is slightly unstable, either up the voltage slightly to see if you can stabilize it, or just back off one bus speed increment until your system is stable.

    By stable, I mean can run Prime95 torture test for 24 hours straight with no lockups or reboots.

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