Even better than lapping!
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Thread: Even better than lapping!

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    Even better than lapping!

    Hey, why stop sanding when you get a smooth surface? Just keep going until you actually expose the silicon! Give it a thin layer of thermal grease and mount your heastsink right on the circuitry!

    ***Please be aware that actually following these instructions will give you a super-cooled hunk of useless plastic and silicon!!!***
    jjr512 "The Terminator"
    Justin J. Rebbert
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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    Just do not complain when your processor refuses to boot. I will not let you cry on my shoulder because of your stupidity.

    If you do follow the above instruction, you will NOT have "a useless piece of plastic and silicone" but you will have one of the MOST EXPENSIVE key-ing dangles ever produced!

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