I currently own an amd k6-2 350 with 64 mbs of ram and god only knows what kind of mobo and I was interested in upgrading to a celery. These questions will help me determine important things because I am on a very very very tight budget.
1. Is it worth buying a celeron 500 mhz over a celery 466? the price difference is around 70 dollars and is the extra performance worth it.
2. Can I remove the 64 mbs of pc100 ram in my computer now and add it to my new celeron mobo?
3. How do you determine the form factor of your computer? i have a microtower if that helps.
4. Is there a really good not to expensive motherboard out there? I don't need 5 pci slots and I hate "glued" on components.
5. I know I should know this but could someone clearly explain the differences between oem and retail products? I only ask because oem software is like shareware or limited versions of things, but oem products are always cheaper.
6. Will I see a big difference between a voodoo 3 2000 and a voodoo 3 3000?
7. And last but not least does it pay to purchase a k6-2 or k6-3 500 and just plug it into my current mobo?
thx to anyone who answers these questions, I really want to know the answers.