Help me add some cooling.
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Thread: Help me add some cooling.

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    Help me add some cooling.

    My case is getting too hot lately, I need to add some more fans.

    Here's my case (second from left):

    It has:
    3 external 5 1/4 bays
    2 external 3 1/2 bays
    1 internal 3 1/2 bay

    I have a C466@525 (changing that to a C366@550 soon) w/ a GlobalWin fan/heatsink.

    Hercules TNT2 Ultra w/ a fan/heatsink.

    No other cooling except PS (I know, I'm a slacker)

    Also taking up bay areas are a 40x CD-rom, a CD-rw, floppy drive and my HD of course. So I have 1 5 1/4 and one 3 1/2 left.

    That area in the front of the case w/ the holes just has a speaker in it, I'd have to drill to put a fan in.

    I was thinking about getting one of these:

    It blows air out of the system only, but may face up or down. The idea is to put the 2 CDs in the very top bays w/ this fan in-between the CDs and the hardrive, sucking hot air of the HD and out of the system.

    In addition, the current plan is to drill a bunch of holes in the side of my case (they're removable) and mount 2 more fans blowing directly at cpu and video card, or possibly one in and one out.

    Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.

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    What you prolly want is air going in in the front and out the back by the cpu. I have a fan by where your speaker is (different case, but similar setup) and another blowing out behind the cpu. WOrks well. If you don't want to modify the case to put a fan in front then see if you can get something else to blow into the case. I have a fan spot on the top of my case (which is odd because it is under a piece of metal unless I take the sides off) but I don't have a fan there...

    Good luck
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    The power supply fan sucks air in, I know you can reverse that, but I'd like to avoid that operation if I can. I was thnking since the fan picture above blows out, I can get some back to front circulation going. I'm not convinced on the side fans though, or any of it for that matter.

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    OK man, I've got your setup. That bay fan you are looking to buy is awesome, I have one. But if the power supply fan is blowing air past the power supply and in your case then you are just adding hot air to your case. It is really easy to reverse the fan, just open the PS, flip the fan and close the PS ( of course you need to unscrew the PS to get it open ). The problem with the PS sucking air in, is that it is most likely blowing hot air over your CPU and that is bad. But if you still don't want to mess with the PS then just get a fan blowing in from the front and a fan blowing in from the back and add that bay fan ( it pulls a hell of alot of air out of your case ), then your set. Try for your fan supply. They have awesome fans, plus they have that bay fan you want too. You should see a HUGE temp change in your case. Also try installing Waterfall ( it is free to download on the web but I don't have the site )to cool your CPU while it is idle.

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    That bay fan looks like a great idea. So, essentially, I remove a dummy plate and stick that baby in and evacuate hot air from the front of the case. Keeps heat generated by the hard drive away from the cpu...Hmmm....
    You should flip the power supply fan around. Simple operation with a screwdriver. That alone would have quite a bit of impact. And a fan pulling air into the lower front of the case is also a good idea.
    The only thing I added to that basic setup, was an addtional fan blowing out the back of the case, mounted just below the power supply. Sets up a little addtional flow for me. I'm running a P III 450 OC'd to 504 on an ABIT BH6 mobo. Not sure on cpu temp (I know, now I'M the slacker) but case temp is 30 to 32 C. Need to add a probe for the cpu. Also Im running Waterfall Pro. System is very stable.
    Have fun.

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