Locks up right before it enters windows
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Thread: Locks up right before it enters windows

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    Locks up right before it enters windows

    I have a celeron 400 w\ABIT BH6 Motherboard when I overclock it to 450 it workds fine but when I go to 500 it locks up or gives me a missing driver message right before windows. But when I return it to 400 it goes into windows fine and works great. How can I get it to go to 500 what's the setting I should put. please help me thanks

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    There could be multiple reasons it won't work. 83mhz is the most unstable bus speed due to the fact that you're o/c all the parts as well as the cpu. HD's don't like it much, make sure your memory can handle it, and what vid card do you have? Some can't take that speed. If your vid card is a TNT2U (for example) at 66 the core is 175. At 83 then it's running at 220. It can't handle that. Also, try disabling l2 cache...

    Or it just might not be able to make it...
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