interesting idea i geuss, the reason your paintball gun freezes has little to do with the co2 itself it is simply the rapid expansion of a compressed gas that causes the lowering of temp. when you compress a gas, any gas, it heats up when you uncompress a gas it gets cold, that's why you need a compressor to compress the gas a heatexchanger to cool things back down, and an expansion chamber and another heat, or cold if you will, exchanger to use the resulting temp drop. Just having the gas there doesnt make it cold. co2 is used because it is inert and plentyfull, nitrogen has the same propertys plus it liquifies at a warmer temp that co2 does. freon used in airconditioners is used because it exhibits rapid temp changes when compressed and uncompressed, better than most other gases. but any gas has these properties , just some of them work better for certain tasks than others. the fact still remains that you have to have what amounts to is an airconditioner for you computer. kryotech makes on built into a case for just such purposes but to keep costs down they limited the temp drop I think to 20-30 degrees rather that -50 like there complete systems.

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