Computer Freezes during in-game video and 3D...HELP??!!!!
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Thread: Computer Freezes during in-game video and 3D...HELP??!!!!

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    Computer Freezes during in-game video and 3D...HELP??!!!!

    Recently I got a pretested 366ppga celeron @ 550, MSI 6905 adapter, and GlobalWIN HS/Fan. Everything is set up and the system is running GREAT at 550mhz...but there is something happening now that I noticed even before I got this stuff. When playing a 3D game or showing an AVI in-game scene my system would totally freeze and I would have to reboot into windows98. I got the newest DX6.1 and DXMedia6 Runtime...and I got new drivers for my motherboard and for my video card (Viper V550-pci). But still...if my computer freezes when in a game with lots of in-game movies and/or 3d menus. I'm thinking there might be something wrong with my hard drive or my video card...but I'm not sure. Maybe the V550 has a hard time running on a 100mhz BUS??? Could that be why video freezes? Then again...I was playing my Austin Powers VCD (mpg) and it ran what's wrong????? HEELLLLLPPPP!!!!!
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    It just might be that the CPU can't handle the load. I also have trouble running @550 with 2.1Volts. If its not too little voltage, it might be too much heat.

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    try a little voltage increase, lap the slug and the GlobalWin use a good thermal grease and try again.

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