How over-clockable is the K6-2/500?
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Thread: How over-clockable is the K6-2/500?

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    How over-clockable is the K6-2/500?

    Just heard that AMD has released the K6-2/500Mhz processor, but it's still manufactured on the .25 process.

    My question is for anyone who either has one, or just has an opinion on it, do you think that this processor is very (if any) over-clockable?

    I doubt it is, and the price of it is about the same as the K6-3/450, which I would think would perform much better, so I'm wondering if it's even worth considering purchasing this chip.

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    Considering its still on the .25micron process I dont see this chip overclocking very well at all. AMD isnt known to be superoverclockable in the first place. I think that without extreme cooling you'd be lucky to get 50mhz out of it.

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    I heard that they use a slightly modified alloy that they can get 550+ out of. Its supposed to be on the K6-2 400, 450, 475, and 500. They are to implement this alloy in K7 and K6-3 soon. From what i can tell it is like ~95% aluminum and ~5% copper (YEA BABY!)
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