Temperature on 300A
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Thread: Temperature on 300A

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    Temperature on 300A

    I am overclocking a Celeron 300A Malayan to 527 MHZ and my rt2 temperature is reading 38C
    I ran SiSoftSandra and it gave me a CPU temperature of 145C. I can't believe I am still operating if I have that kind of temperature. The cpu would blow up at that temperature. The rt2 thermister is taped to the lower side of the heat sink. What is the rt1 reading? There is only one thermistor tape and is his plugged into rt2. I am using a bx6 Abit

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    that's what you get for usinng software thermometers.
    check the bios, it should tell you the true temp.

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    What version of the ABIT Bx-6 rev 2 do you have? The version 2.01 has built in CPU thermal diode sensor and the version 2.02 DOES NOT have the sensor installed (but in can be added).

    Check out the info on this website. Jim is great for helping when you need it.


    As far as a temp monitor program, you can NOT beat Motherboard Monitor for features and ease of setup.


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    If the temp was 145C there would be a helluva fire. You should get a motherboard reading plus a CPU reading if the thermal probe is attached to the heat sink or CPU. The BX seems to run a little warmer than the BH and 38C sounds fine for either the MB or CPU temp

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