Slocket question...gonna upgrade my puter
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Thread: Slocket question...gonna upgrade my puter

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    Slocket question...gonna upgrade my puter

    Gonna go from AMDs I have always had good luck with [cuz the K6-3 500s may NEVER come out] to a Celeron 366 pretested by PcNutt to 550mhz with an
    Alpha fan/heatsink. Gonna get a Soyo
    SY-6BA + lll board [who can argue? Read all the reviews.] And hope for at least 550mhz. I need a 'slocket' and was wondering since the BIOS can adjust the freq. and core voltage do you do it thru the BIOS or thru the slocket? And what do you reccommend for a top notch slocket adapter card?
    Also are any of you runnin this MB yet?

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    I also have a Celeron366@550, it kicks ***!! If that MB is jumperless then you should be able to do all the setting in the bios, regardless of which sloket you get. Go to and see what slocket they use in their combo's I'm sure its good. Asus also makes one so theres another good choice

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    If you change voltage-settings in your bios, make sure the slocket voltage-selection is set to auto or default, cause I don't know what voltage will be used otherwise.

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