I bought a Celeron 466 (PPGA) with a slocket to use with my mainboard ABIT
AH6 (LX). But I have two problems.

1. When I use this ÁP @466MHz (7x66), my PC freezes after some minutes and
faster when I use games (FS98, CFS, Falcon 4...). I had a PII 266 o/c 300
and all was OK except the for the performance. When I try to overclock at
525MHz (7x75MHz) of course it freezes more again.

2. When I try to overclock at 525MHz (7x75MHz), the boot sequence runs
normally until after the IDE detection. Here's what I get :

Celeron at 525MHz
Memeory test 131072k OK


CPU is unworkable or has been changed. Please Recheck - CPU Soft Menu

<F1> or <Del>

So I press F1 and the boot goes on.
For the next boot I have to reset the parameters of CPU soft Menu to keep

My config :
-Celeron 466 (SL3EH - 08/99 - from Malay)
-Slocket (cheap $12) ? I think it's a Jetway, the marking seems to be like
photo I saw of this brand.
-Abit AH6 last BIOS (for celeron 466), 128M SDRAM
-HDD IBM 10.1G 7200t
-ATI Rage 128 32M
-Guillemot Maxi Home Studio 2
-DVD Pioneer 103S
-Yamaha 4416

Can you confirm my slocket is not as good as it must be ? Which model allow
overclocking (7x75) ? I though ASUS or MSI 6905 models.
Thanks for your help.