Troubles overclocking BP6
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Thread: Troubles overclocking BP6

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    Troubles overclocking BP6

    I've read a lot about success overclocking
    with BP6... but I haven't had so much luck.

    I have two 366 Celerons, and the only
    setups I've gotten the bios to take
    are 366@66 and 550@100.

    If I try any other FSB like 92 or something,
    the BIOS says something like "CPU not
    usable or changed" or something, asks
    to check the SoftMenu from BIOS. I can
    also continue by pressing F1. If I check
    the settings, they are 300MHz@60.. if I
    continue they are as I set them (once),
    but when I reboot they're back to the
    wrong settings.

    So what is wrong? Anyone know?

    On a related note, the motherboard don't show
    the RPM of the fans, even as they roll and
    are connected. What could be wrong?
    (0 RPM is showed in BIOS)


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    I've had that problem too. THe only fsb I can get is 66 and 100. I haven't tried over 100 yet, but between 66 and 100 is a no go. Also, I have the fan prob. THe retail celeron fans only have 2 wires, so thats a no fan speed display possible. THe chassis fan has 3 pins, but nothing shows up. Aside from that, I love the board!
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    You need to change the setting in the BIOS tahat says "Speed Error Hold Enabled". Set this feature to DISABLED and the BIOS will save your FSB settings. When it is enabled, it ignores the settings and resets them when you reboot.

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