anyone else have this problem?? i want more! 2,3 v is good but i have a Peltier with AlphaP125 to cool my Celeron300A(SL32A) so im not worried by heat that much..(condensation is another issue

i´m having problems flashing the BE6 bios för more than 2,3v..
i want it above 4.5*115.. before the BE6 i had the BH6 and on that board you were able to set the voltage higher than 2.3 by flashing the bios to set 2.3 as the new default.. and i want too se if i can go a bit higher 120*4.5 or 124*4.5, and i think 2,5v would help.

i´m not sure but on the abit-BH6 you would set the voltage to 2.3 and then flash it with the /cc option.. but it doesnt work with the BE6,, has abit disabled this/fixed the bug or am i doing something wrong??
anyone got a clue?? help would be much

(and please no "that´s dangerous! don´t go over 2,3v" like they did over at cpu-central)
.. i know its bad for the little bugger but
in less than two months i´ll have an Athlon probably.. so my 300A has served me well for over a year now but its near the end of its lifetime so why not oc the
hell out of it ??