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Thread: P3 Alpha fans @ 3dfxcool.com

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    P3 Alpha fans @ 3dfxcool.com

    I am still confused how Alpha cooling fans goes onto a P3....do i need to take off the plastic cartage and put it on? or are there clips or something to just clip it on and stick it on with some thermal paste?

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    "Discharge yourself of static before replying to me for safety purposes..."

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    The way 3DFxcool's custom alphas are designed you are supposed to remove the Intel heatsink and leave the plastic backside cover on.

    I removed the backside cover and used shorter screws to mount the alpha. Make sure you use an insulating washer between your screws and your PIII circuit board though.

    Something else I did was to use a small heatsink and fan on the back side of the PIII also, it helps by a couple of degrees.

    When you mount your assembly make sure that you zip tie your pc board to your retention mechanism or if you have a "celeron" retention mechanism you can remove material so the alpha will fit, then you wont need zip ties.

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