Cooling c366 without special cooling-stuff?
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Thread: Cooling c366 without special cooling-stuff?

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    Cooling c366 without special cooling-stuff?

    I live in Belgium and am thinking of buying a malaysian c366 in-a-bow-with-cooler to o/c. Problem: In Belgium I can't buy good cooling stuff. No special coolers or big fans.
    1) Should I risk buying the c366? What is the chanche that I can o/c without special coolers? I can buy standaard celeron, PII or PIII cooler/heatsink.. but thats it (shipping cost to bring them in from US is to high).
    2) How high can I probably o/c it with regular (the in the box cooler) cooling?
    3) Can anyone tell me how I make a good cooling-combination (not to complex (so certainly no H2O))
    4) Should I, under these circumstances try c366 or should I buy a C400 or C433?

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    Do they have just really big heatsinks and fans? Mine is just a generic fan and heatsink but its pretty big, its not an alpha or anything special like that, and im running mine very cool at 2.0 volts. If you can get one that will run like that you wont need super awesome cooling.

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    I got a 366@550 with no special cooling. The only thing I did was take the case fan off and point it in the CPU's general direction. That shaved off 2 degrees Celsuis
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