Overclocking dual Celeron-500s on Abit BP6
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Thread: Overclocking dual Celeron-500s on Abit BP6

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    Overclocking dual Celeron-500s on Abit BP6

    I am putting together a new system, dual Celeron-500s on an Abit BP6 (with PC-100 RAM). I've been reading SharkyExtreme's Celeron overclocking guide as I would like to O/C the CPUs to 563/75Mhz FSB (this is my first O/C project.. so I am taking it easy). If I were to stick to the standard heatsink/fan that come with the CPUs, and have the power supply fan blowing out the top of the case, with a 2nd fan sucking air into the bottom of the case (Enlight Classic EN-7234 mid-tower case), will that have a sufficient cooling effect? (other peripherals: 2x 7200rpm HDs, 1 CD-ROM drive, ethernet card). If I were to add more HDs later, will that noticeably raise the internal temp? I assume it will :-(

    Does Win2000 use any power management features like those used by CPU cooler apps like Rain?
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    You might be better off, getting 2 guaranteed 366 celerons to run at 550 instead of overclocking a celeron 500 on a 75 bus. With the BP6 having compatibility problems with certain peripherals and hard drives, it might not be a good idea to run 2 processors at a 75 bus. the 366 celerons will overclock easier and only be 13 mhz under what you want to do with those 2 and they will be cheaper.

    I got mine from www.sunshinestar.com , BE6 with a celeron 366, they also have a BP6 deal also, im not sure about coming with 2 processors though. I have mine running at 564 with 2.0 volts.

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