help me OC Celery 366
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Thread: help me OC Celery 366

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    help me OC Celery 366

    ok, i got it all setup
    BH6 and Celery 366 (SL36C 21week)
    It's running at default speed.
    I have cool master socket360 cooler on.

    what do I do now?
    I tried the CPU software menu II
    and saw i can change to 550 using "user define"

    I could change "external Clock"
    "multiplier factor" and "core voltage"
    AGPCLK/CPUCLK is set to 2/3
    is there anything else I need to change?

    where is PCI clock divider?

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    The PCI clock divider is a part of the FSB speed setting eg. 100 Mhz (1/3) or 124 MHz (1/4)

    You won't be able to mess with the multiplier though (clock locked)

    Good Luck.

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    Multiplier 5.5 (locked there anyway)
    FSB speed 100 MHz
    AGP to 2/3
    DISABLE speed hold error
    Voltage to CPU Default (you may have to adjust this if it won't run 550 at 2.00V.

    Good luck,


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