AMD K6-III400 overclocked to 448MHZ
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Thread: AMD K6-III400 overclocked to 448MHZ

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    AMD K6-III400 overclocked to 448MHZ

    Voltage 2.7V(overspecked, AMD says 2.6 max)
    Using Waterall 2.99 CPU temp 32C
    Epox UDSM disabled
    Speed Rate Results:
    CPU 2062
    DISK 1075
    VIDEO 2055

    ATI 128 Rage Fury 32MB
    Goldstar PC100 128MB SDRAM 7ns
    2 hardrive fans
    Fujitsu 8.4MB h/d
    Alpha heatsink and NMB fan
    2 exhaust slot fans
    1 intake fan



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    I did it too! just tonight finished new system & O/C the buss to 112mhz on about the 4th boot up,runs real good,tried 124mhz X 4.0 &4.5 but no picture,didn't bother with 4.5x 100,the higher buss speed is better.Best of all, no increase in voltage,2.4vdc K6-3 400 on FIC 503+ 128meg pc 100 cas2 Micron, G400 video card works good too!

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