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Thread: I got it! 500MHZ

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    To respond here, I have to say hats off to you. I have 366 celeron that runs at 566 and I am working on 616 soon. Need my alpha to finish that. But I also have a k6III 400 that wont even run at 448. It is a dung monkey. I even put an alpha kit on it and bought an atx case and board for better air. It just sucks. But it is still fast. Oh well some things clock through the ceiling and some do not. I roasted the hell out of a k62 350 running at 450 and 2.6 volts, fried... good luck.

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    I have a OEM Celeron 400 running at 500MHz @ 2.1 volts. It works fine at 2.0 volts with an Alpha and Peltier but at bootup sometimes the hard drive is not reconized so I keep the voltage at 2.1. 3D games and windows is fine at 2.0 V.

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    Peltiers work great as long as you can match the power of the peltier to the heat dissipation of the chip when overclocking.

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    I installed Peltier finally today. BUT, I almost burned my finger trying to detec which side is hot/cold! It's damn hot! Also, I had a tough time sealing it from air using silicon sealant... it's got so messy. When I installed it, it gets a window protection error! What the hell.... w/o peltier it works fine again. What did I do wrong here? I noticed how HOT it gets on ALPHA heatsink. I think I better stick with alpha heatsink. It is still rock stable. I was thinking about oc'ing close to 525MHZ w/ peltier. I think I should keep it for future comp.
    ps: surprisingly, CPU does not get hot at 500MHZ 2.6v even after hours of usage...? I guess alpha heatsink along with 2 60mm fans(one sucking one blowing from side) work well....


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