I have 400MHZ(Just got one today because I broke my previous one). I am running it at 500MHZ 2.8V stable. I am using alpha cooler with 60mm fan that came with it. My sisoft benchmark is 1311/610 for CPU and 1334/997 for multimedia. I feel better now because I have alpha running full time with fan sucking hot air out of it. I also have another fan on the side of the heatsink blowing air to heatsink. I don't know how long it will last at 2.8V but I am sure it will last long! I got this 400MHZ baby for $67 from www.neutronet.com It is an OEM version. My previous broken 400MHZ won't boot up at 2.8v...... maybe this chip is good..... like how some celery are good for oc......



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