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Thread: Which Celeron?

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    Which Celeron?

    I am going to upgrade my existing PII/400@448 system to a dual Celeron using the Abit BP6 dual PPGA m/b (any suggestion for other m/b is acceptable).
    Which Celeron do you suggest? I want to o/c but without using extreme solutions (Peltier coolers, searching for specific s/n etc). I am thinking for a 466.
    What is your opinion?

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    Get the 366 guaranteed at 550. Theyre cheaper than a 466, and obviously overclock better.

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    I agree... the Celeron 366 is the best chip to overclock AND you might not even need to use extreme cooling. You could use the simpler Globalwin or Alpha Coolers and still get the 550 MHz result.
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    i agree with the others buy 366's..i just got one for 63.75 and 15 for a soyo slotkey..
    for the price u get mega power...the new abit board is really cool... my friend is a linux freak and just ordered two ppga 500's and the board..very sweet...although if u can spend more money i would buy a nice dualP2/P3 board and good slotkeys..so u can upgrade to P3's at a later date?

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