OK - I've got:
Abit BE6
unbuffered PC100 - Siemens at 6ns
Several different HD - some ata33 and a scsi
SBLive Value

Now I'm just fine at fsb 110, 112, 115. Only problem is I have to clock back the video card the faster I get. At 100fsb it can reach 185, then proportionally back the faster I clock. Not a problem though. Now when I boot to 120fsb (660) it will trash drivers, vshinit.vxd will be corrupted or it will think the registry is bad and keep restoring an old copy. At 124 (either 1/3 or 1/4) it will usually just hang. Now I don't think it's the video causing problems. I've clocked it back to 120 just to boot.

Anyone have any thoughts? I've upped the volts to 2.2, turned off l2 cache set the drives to pio3...