can you put slot 1 cooler on PPGA?
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Thread: can you put slot 1 cooler on PPGA?

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    can you put slot 1 cooler on PPGA?

    PPGA + slot1 adopter, can you?
    where can I get adopter?

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    I'm not a 100% sure but I don't think so? The manufacturers always specify what kind of processor you're supposed to put thier coolers on... you could try but I think it would be better to get a PPGA cooler for your PPGA processor.

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    Well, if ppl can build watercoolers and figure out ways to mount them, i don't see why someone couldn't figure out how to mount a slot1 cooler on a ppga processor. Necessity is the mother of invention, so they say. sit down, put some thought into it and see what you come up with...
    Good luck.

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