Bus speeds up to 100 and PCI considerations.
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Thread: Bus speeds up to 100 and PCI considerations.

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    Bus speeds up to 100 and PCI considerations.

    I am looking to oc a dual celeron system to bus speeds close to 100. Do I need to take in account what it will do to the devices connected to my computer? I know HD is a big issue. How can I correct this. Thanks


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    At 100Mhz your pci and agp speeds will be correct just like at 66 mhz, except you will have to run agp at 2/3 FSB not at FSB. At 75 and 83MHz that is where things may get dicey.
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    I agree with Dimarini... push them all the way up to 100 MHz so that you keep all the other peripherals safe.
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