how far can you push a pII 400?
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Thread: how far can you push a pII 400?

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    how far can you push a pII 400?

    Interested in taking my pII to its limit. Also, I'm worried about the effects of a higher bus speed on my hard drive.. it's an ancient fujitsu 3.2gb 5400rpm.. getting a new IBM 14gb 7200 soon.


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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    I would be worried about the IBM drive also, from what I hear.

    You may be able to hit 468 MHz, and maybe even 504.

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    Well, it's really more luck then anything, I have my P-II 400 running at 496 (4 * 124) stock cooling, I can reach 533 but it crashes after about 30 minutes... (Running Prime95 torture test)

    I haven't tried higher because I have a ****ty BH6... do ya have the batch number on hand?


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    Actually, I do have the batch number, It's 99120234.

    It runs rock solid at the 112 mhz bus (448). And does just fine at the 117 and 124 mhz busses as well. The only reason I refuse to set it there is because of the high bus speeds... I only have pc100 ram and even the 112 bus gave my old fujitsu some difficulty. I'm worried more about the rest of the system than the processor.

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    240 he said....pushing 112 is asking for it...even at 448, you are asking for corrupted data transfers....wouldn't suggest you use speed disk or anything until you have done extensive testing...even downloads would be would cause more trouble than it's worth

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