need help removing oem p2-450 heatsink
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Thread: need help removing oem p2-450 heatsink

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    need help removing oem p2-450 heatsink

    can someone tell me how to remove this PIECE OF CRAP!!!
    sorry for the caps

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    The OEM PII-450 di not come with a heatsink?

    Which heatsink are you talking about?

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    Most likely the retail boxed heatsink
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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    If you have one of the newer retail boxed PII's then you will need a TorX T8 bit to remove the four screws that hold the P.O.S. heatsink onto the backplate. You can get one at a local hardware store or auto supply store that sells screwdrivers.

    DO NOT try to use an Allen Hex Head wrench or you will strip the head and then you will have to drill out the screws.

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