Hello everyone..

I am new to the game of overclocking CPU's. I have a P2 450Mhz Chip on A-Trend ATC-6220 Motherboard, with 128MB PC 100 ram. What i would like to know is ALL the info about overclocking before i do it. I know colling if a major factor plaied in this game so i bought a triple P3 fan along with this i have a case fan with duck work forcing air down to the chip. I believe i have the cooling ok for this, but I would like to know more about these heat sensor and things. Along with the programs you all refer to.

Now sorry about that, now I need to know where to find the info about overclocking and how to do it. Any advise is worth me reading, BUT where do i start?

Is it possible to overclock a P2 450Mhz chip?

How do I do it and where do I start?

Thank You for you time and help......