non SL2YK, SL2W8 PII300mhz overclocking.
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Thread: non SL2YK, SL2W8 PII300mhz overclocking.

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    non SL2YK, SL2W8 PII300mhz overclocking.

    Does non SL2YK and SL2W8
    overclock at all?
    Mine is SL2H something Philip
    It's Klamath with 0.35 micron;
    This is pretty hot as it is.
    Now, if I apply some cooling(Tennmax or Globle win) , will I get 450 with 100 FBS?
    Or will it never overclock no matter what I do?

    Because before I even atemp to try I have to buy new Mother board and PC100 ram.
    If it's not going to go 400 or 450, I'm not even going to try.

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    Your chances are much slimmer with the Klamath. I don't think you should even try? But, if you were willing to spend some money on an aftermarket cooling system and a new motherboard... why don't you just get a newer faster processor?

    The Celeron's are pretty good! Try buying a pretested Celeron 366 @ 550 MHz... they're pretty abundant!

    Cheers and good luck!
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