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    More problems with o/

    got a p3 450...disabled error hold and it started to load windows..but window looked grainy and froze(o/c it to the minumum 4.5 x 112)...need help..i dont have any heatsinks or fan only the one that came attached with the p3 u think that is the reason why its not working??can someone help??

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    Try increasing the CPU voltage to 2.1 or 2.2.. this must solve your problem.

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    Before you try a voltage increase try 124Mhz. Set the AGP to 2/3 and disable speed error hold. If your ram will run at that speed you will prob be OK. Very few PIII450 will not run 558MHz @ 2.0V. The pherp. normally will give problems running at some bus speeds.

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    i agree with minus its...probably an agp thing...lower ur agp speed...i think its ur video not the cpu..

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