Well..I got my Celery 366hz today..,i currently had a P2-266 that runs stable at 300hz at 100hz bus.However..i saw somewhere that the c366hz was 99% sure to be clocked to 600hz sumtn at 112 fsb..however...i got this bloody thing..and it wont clock higher than 458hz at 83hz fsb..Big BUMMER!
Its only 5 fps faster in Quake3 than my P2-300hz..and in Unreal and Half-Life..its actually a LOT choppyer!

(370 socket..so im using a slot 1 adapter)

My motherboard is Abit BX6 R.2..and ive tried upping the voltage to 3.0..but the thing still crashes(right after the floppy has gone nutz) when trying to run it at 550hz at 100hz fsb.Why da hell is it locked to x5.5 anyways?? Please tell me u can unlock it!

(370 socket..so im using a slot 1 adapter)

I also saw somewhere a while back,that there was a "hack" for these Motherboards,and it made u able to set the fsb manually..like instead of using the default 83hz fsb,u could upp it by 1,2,3 etc. hz ..making it 84hz,85hz etc. Anyone know anything about this??
Any other tips to get the sucker running at 550hz ?

Oh yeah..i got a really big "house fan"..its actually bigger than my computer ..so too much heat aint a problem for me