How do I remove OEM heatsink?
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Thread: How do I remove OEM heatsink?

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    How do I remove OEM heatsink?

    I want to put Global Win VEK12 on to my old Dell OEM PII300mhz.
    I need to remove the OEM heat sink(big gold colored).
    It looks like the heatsink is screwed down with 4 tiny screws.
    Is it safe to remove them?

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    Sure is ok to remove them, may people do but you will be voiding the warrenty if you do.

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    Jul 1999
    Yep, it's what i did too.
    You need a special screwdriver for this
    though. Also, you need to twist the screws
    a little to get them loose.

    Good luck

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    It is safe to remove them but...those suckers that are screwed in there are on there pretty you would need a lot of TWISTING power. you would need a 1.5 Allen Wrench and also a plier to twist get those bastards out.... Also becareful not to stick your tool into the nail too deep otherwise it might damage the CPU itself.
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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    Dink: What model CPU did you work on?

    My newer "retail" PII-450 used TorX bit screws to hold the heatsink on and not Allen Head screws. I need a T8 TorX bit to get mine out.

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    After all is said and done just remember to twist the old heatsink out. Don't pull it or push it or try to pry it out with a screwdriver or anything... just a gentle twist of the wrist!
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