What does an Alpha look like ?
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Thread: What does an Alpha look like ?

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    What does an Alpha look like ?

    I would just like to know what alpha heatsinks look like because where i live no computer hardware retailers have heard of them. Thanks.
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    From what I've seen on the web they're huge aluminum cubes with fins aplenty. Here's a few pics off of 2CoolTek's website: http://2cooltek.safeshopper.com/5/cat5.htm?7390 .
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    I just got a couple of Alpha's from 2Cool.
    I havent gotten around to putting them in yet... but they damn sure look impressive enough! I like doing business with 2Cool because he is very helpfull.. he even helped me with some heatsinks I didnt buy from him (before I knew about his site) I plan on ordering a couple more soon for my kids machines.. and bump up the FSB just a tad.
    He also has good directions on his site for assembly. If you plan on overclocking I would suggest an Alpha.

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    Pictures don't really do the Alpha justice. When I got mine, I was struck by how large and heavy it is. It really makes the standard heatsink and fan look tiny. You won't be disapointed with this heatsink!

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