I put together over the weekend:

Abit BE6
128M pc100
V3-2k - have agp and pci for now, one will go back
6.4G WD
Generic case - very nice for a generic

Well, it has two case fans, one in at the front, the other out right behind the cpu. Third is on the cpu and the fourth is on the V3 chip itself. It will run stable at fsb110/605 and 112/616, both 2v. It will load windows at fsb124/682 @2.05v but sometimes hangs and the vid is a bit funky. It posts at 133/731.5 @2.1 but froze. I didn't have time to play with it more since I wanted to use the machine... HL and Q3 run sweet!

Now I have a question about video, which I'll probably try anyway. The agp has 1/1and 2/3, so at 124 or 133 it's way o/c. I clocked the card itself back to 120, but still... However, if I put the pci card in then if I go 124/133 it will be at 1/4 so the pci will run at or about normal speed. Anyone think this may let me get to 731?

Otherwise, the thing runs nice I'll just have to keep going until it gets there....