Unlocking the multiplier ? Is it possible ?
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Thread: Unlocking the multiplier ? Is it possible ?

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    Unlocking the multiplier ? Is it possible ?

    I want to ask a dumb question, seing though all celeron p2 and P3 chips are multiplier locked is there any hope in heaven that it can be removed eg through software bios, small handyman techniques or through any other means or are the cpu's frozen at the respective multipliers never to be differed, if so how do they do it ?

    Thanks for any help
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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    NO HOPE!

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    I have seen this done ,surely someone knows

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    You have seen it done by only one person/website and they are not sharing the info.

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    If you knew, 100%, how to pick the winning lotto numbers, would you tell everyone how to do it? For free?

    If you find out how to unlock Celery multiplier.. Let us know...

    ( Answer to your question is, no.. )
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