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Thread: Celery 466 at 601 Mhz...YES!!!!

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    Right, Splatt... This is where we discuss our failures and successes.. We have got to overlook the garbage that creeps in..

    Hey Quadzilla.. I really am sharing your joy with 601.. I am happy with my 466 at 529.. I know I have probs with my stuff at 83 FSB so I am not going to venture any higher..

    Got to say though..when you say '622 works, but is not stable'... that means 'It don't work....'

    "If it works it's not overclocked!"
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    thats funny...i just like to stir it up once in a while..it envokes interesting conversation...622 or 601 is truely great...
    i think u should investigate more agressive cooling and go for 700...i know the celly is reaching it limits...so my new interest is the PIII 550....

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    I've read that the PIII 450 seems to be the overclockers ticket because of its low mutiplier and its low cost. Alot of guys have been hitting 600+ with them and they are cheap at around $225 for one mailorder.


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