what cpu should i buy??
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Thread: what cpu should i buy??

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    what cpu should i buy??


    Yesterday I ordered a BP6 but can't figure out what cpus i should buy? Should i go for the stable c366 or is the newer c433, c466, c500 more overclockable?

    Right now I have a BX6 with a nice c333 o/c to 560Mhz with dual-peltier an a huge heatsink.

    So if there is any1 that can tell me what cpus to buy, i would be happy!


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    As far as I know, you're going to be stuck with only being able to overclock by increasing the FSB speed. All newer Celerons are multiplier locked. So, in answer to your query, I'd probably go with the higher "out-of-box" running speed. IN this case, it would be the new Celeron 500 that's just been released
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    But the higher the out of box speed, the higher the multiplier and the more unlikely that you will be able to overclock to a higher FSB setting.

    A Celeron 366 will clock at 550 MHz, while my 400A will only boot at 500 MHz.

    Right now it is a gamble, but I would go with the lower cost C366 if I were doing it all over again.

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    ok, thank you guys!

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