I have talked to many overclockers who like Asus boards (particularly the new P3B-F) but really want to go dual. They shy away form the Abit BP6 because of concerns about lack of future upgradability. If Asus would come out with a P3B-D (jumperless P2B-D dual Slot-1 board with all of the overclocking toys of the P3B-F) for under $200 ($199 MSRP would be OK), they would sell more of them than they could make! People wanting to run dual celeries would opt for this board and Asus dual slotkets over the BP6 because of future upgradability, and since Asus is a name well-respected for stability, the business/low-end server market would also buy this board in droves due to its easy setup. Why haven't the marketing people at Asus thought this up yet???