I'm running an AMDK6-III-400mhz on an Asus P5A-B motherboard, and a Diamond ViperV770 Video Card, and I was wondering what a "Normal" running temperature would be for this setup.

Right now, with the case on, the CPU runs at about 57 degrees C, and the Mainboard runs at 37 degrees C. (This information taken from the thermal monitor software that comes with the Asus P5A-B motherboard.)

I'm running it in a Minitower case, with a single case fan mounted in the front bottom of the case, a bay fan, a Hard Drive fan (both the Bay Fan and the Hard Drive fan are in the two lower 5.25 bays), I've got a slot fan running underneath the ViperV770, and on the ViperV770's heat sink I've got a 486 fan attached to it.

My question is: What should a normal running temperature be for this sort of setup, and am I running hot?

Thanks in advance...