How fast have you o'clocked you PII 450?
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Thread: How fast have you o'clocked you PII 450?

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    How fast have you o'clocked you PII 450?

    I'm wondering what kind of performance increase I can get by overclocking my PII 450. I have an ASUS P2B-L motherboard. The CPU has the out-of-box fan on it. What kind of cooling upgrade can/should I get? I'm pretty sure my motherboard has a plug for some sort of thermal heat monitor or something. What kind of success/failure have you all experienced?

    Also, what kind of impact does this have on video cards and RAM. Do you change the multiplier or the bus speed or both? If you change the bus speed from 100MHz to whatever, how does that impact the RAM and video? Don't they rely on the bus speed too? Thanks!

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    I have my PII-450 running at 558 MHz @ 2.2 volts (124 MHz FSB X 4.5 multiplier).

    The entire system runs faster at the higher FSB setting, so you need good components.

    Try increasing the FSB and see if it boots and runs stable, if not, drop back to the highest setting that runs stable and leave it run for a few days. Let the CPU burn-in, then it may bump up to the next level or you can stay at that speed and drop the voltages down a bit.

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    my PIII/450 runs well with the factory fan (boxed CPU) at 558MHz The voltage is default at 2.0V. It will run warm and around 55C I will get a lock up. It does take some serious pushing to get it there. I will not remove my factory fan and void my warranty or I am sure the temp would be lower with a better fan and thermal grease. I normally run "Rain" and my temp will drop up to 10C in normal use. The chip overclocks well and should be stable at a FBS of 124MHz

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    minus200: Since you are overclocking your system, you have already VOIDED any warrenty on the CPU, so you may as well remove the stock heatsink and fan and mount an Alpha with dual fans. You should expect about 10C heat drop and make the CPU last longer.

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