I am currently building a new computer which will have the K6-2 processor. I have read on several other message boards that some people were successfull in overclocking their K6-2 400's to 600 (and in some cases 612) stabily using many fans in the case, and large heatsinks.

I am just wondering what the best aproach to overclocking my k6-2 450 to 550-600 is.

I plan on using an alpha heatsink, and will have several fans in the case, which is a tower, but, will this cooling method work? Do I need to use peltiers or liquid cooling (which I plan on playing arround with on another computer)?

Any comments would be helpful.

My best,


The computer specs are as follows:
Epox ep-mvp3g-m motherboard
256 Megs of PC100 SDRAM
Diamond Viper V770 Ultra
Western Digital Expert 18 Gig 7200 RPM
Sound Blaster Live