Case Cooling Fans?
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Thread: Case Cooling Fans?

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    Case Cooling Fans?

    Can anybody give me a site besides 2cooltek or 3dfxcool for finding 80mm (possibly 92mm) case fans? Im going to install a blowhole, but Im only making one and it cant have the gaping hole of a 120mm...therefore, I need a fan with excellent air circulation for the size. Can anyone direct me to a site with a wide selection, including CFM ratings?

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    330 has an entire boatload of fans but I don't think they sell direct. They list a few distributors but they don't have websites. Fans seem to be kind of a niche market, so finding a good place to buy them is pretty hard.
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    2,169 that s a good site, different than 3dfxcool, promise.

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