I just received my new Celeron 500 yesterday from Multiwave Direct. I proceeded to overclock it and it is now running rock stable at 564MHz. The CPU benchmarks at 25% faster than my Celeron 400 o/c at 450. I am well pleased so far.
Here are my system specs.
Abit Bx2 v 2.0. Flashed with newest Bios to handle up to 550 PIII
Corsair memory 256 CAS 2
Diamond Viper 770 Ultra
Soft Menu settings:
CPU Operating Speed User Defined
Ext Clock 75MHz (1/2)
Multiplier x7.5
SEL100/66# Low
L2 Cache Default
Speed Error Hold Disabled
Core Voltage 2.0v
CPU temp 33C
This baby really flys !!!!!!!