Overclocked Celeron 500
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Thread: Overclocked Celeron 500

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    Overclocked Celeron 500

    I just received my new Celeron 500 yesterday from Multiwave Direct. I proceeded to overclock it and it is now running rock stable at 564MHz. The CPU benchmarks at 25% faster than my Celeron 400 o/c at 450. I am well pleased so far.
    Here are my system specs.
    Abit Bx2 v 2.0. Flashed with newest Bios to handle up to 550 PIII
    Corsair memory 256 CAS 2
    Diamond Viper 770 Ultra
    Soft Menu settings:
    CPU Operating Speed User Defined
    Ext Clock 75MHz (1/2)
    Multiplier x7.5
    SEL100/66# Low
    L2 Cache Default
    Speed Error Hold Disabled
    Core Voltage 2.0v
    CPU temp 33C
    This baby really flys !!!!!!!


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    I thought all the 400+ Celerons were multiplier locked.
    What I have:
    C400 o/c to 450 (6.0x7.5) PCI @ 37.5Mhz
    Normal CPU fan in a 5 x 5 1/4" bay tower (big)
    6.4, 3.2 Quantums, 6.4 Seagate (IDEs
    2 Cheapo NICs (ISA and PCI)
    ATI Xpert98 8meg AGP
    SB Live PCI

    I bought it in the winter so I guess the older 400s don't /c as well as the new ones?

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    The multiplier is locked at 7.5 on the 500MHz Celeron. 66 bus speed X 7.5 = 495MHz. I guess they round up. I increased the fbs to 75 MHz. 75 X 7.5 = 562.5. My HardInfo utility says it is running at 564.4MHz.


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