10" Desktop fan
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    10" Desktop fan

    ok, i'm trying to oc my pIII 550 to 650
    and oc my CL tnt2 ultra
    if i get a 10" Desktop fan blow into the case
    do i need to buy some extra case fan and fan for the cpu itself??

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    Yes. Several smaller (4" or 5") case fans mounted in a sealed case will cool your entire system better than one big fan blowing into an open case. One fan mounted low in the front blowing outside air in, and the other fan mounted high and in the back (I cut a hole in my case above the CPU) will work very well.

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    I tried the desktop fan approach, but it gaussed out my monitor. Made it flicker and shake, and on the other monitor it distorted the picture and ****ed up the colors.
    Don't use a desktop fan unless it runs on DC. AC does the afore-mentioned gauss action.
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