Maybe you guys will have a few tips for me. I have a AMD K6-2 300 and 2 32 MB sticks of "PC100" memory running on a VA-503+. The first time I tried to overclock it, put it up to 350 but it hung right before windows started. Subsequent reboots hung even earlier in the boot process. I remember increasing the voltage but that didn't seem to help.

A while ago I found out the setting for a 112MHZ bus, and I tried that. It booted fine at 333, but it gave a memory error . By the way, it won't even POST at 350 now. Does anyone know where I could find other bus settings for speeds besides 66, 75, 83, and 100? I figure I could set the bus a bit lower and increase the clock multiplier just to squeeze a bit more life out of this thing. Thanks!

David Peters
"If it's not on fire, it's a software problem."