What will be good to cool this system?
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Thread: What will be good to cool this system?

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    What will be good to cool this system?

    I am building a new computer, and I have 3 devices that are going to get very hot. Should I but specialty fans for all 3 of these devices or just run my pc with the case off? The devices are
    Celeron [email protected]
    Viper 770 Ultra overclocked
    7200rpm hard drive

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    Have you checked this out?


    This would take care of the TNT2 and give you very good ventilation in your case. For your celeron check out


    They are selling Celeron 366's guaranteed to run at 550mhz! As long as you have really good ventilation in your case I really wouldnt worry to much about the hard drive though.

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    dude as I see it you have three options, alpha, alpha or alpha
    check them out at www.3dfxcool.com

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    Hey Nightchook: He also has another option, ALPHA with dual fans like I made for myself.

    <A HREF="http://
    http://www.voicenet.com/~sterl/ALPHA.JPG" TARGET=_blank>

    Hey aug1516: I would add at least 1, maybe 2 case fans to keep your case cool. The Alpha keeps the CPU cool, but then my case got hot so I added case fans.

    I used the 108cfm fans from 2cool. It took a little cutting and drilling, but my system is cooler with the case on than without it on.


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    I'm a big supporter of the slot cooler which removes heat from your case. It does a good job reducing overall case temp. In my system it has dropped the temp 6C on average, and I had the ps fan already blowing out.

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    does it matter?
    Hey Sterling_Aug,

    Alpha makes those already, and they come with a shroud.
    check it out:


    da jig isz up...

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    da jig isz up...

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    jigsta: I can't use a P125 Alpha, only the P60120SB with out the fans and shroud. I mounted the fans using bent coat hangers. My Inwin case has NO ROOM between the CPU and the Alpha. Thanks anyway.

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