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Thread: More on AMD Drivers

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    More on AMD Drivers

    Yeeeee Hawwwww... It's an old-fashioned Ruckus! (That other thread turned into a big rant) Anyway, a serious question for nVidia. Will the TNT2 support those oft-neglected 21 instructions know as 3D-NOW!? I might be able to understand not supporting them with the TNT but I certainly would hope that a company looking to capture more of the computing market would support this popular CPU. On a side note, where could I learn more about your nv10 "next-generation" chipset? I saw it mentioned once in an article but I've never seen anything more about it. Thanks

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    Are there any drivers or bios thingies that can make my work-horse AMD K6 233 give better performance? Any programs?

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