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  1. re:

    Thanks...but do any of these possibilities apply when?:

    1. uninstalled wireless adapter and re-installed to address any driver issues.

    2. everything works normally after I manually connect.
  2. re:

    Well....still have not been able to figure this one out.

    A couple of other things I've done:

    Run the 'scannow' command in safe mode. It found and fixed a couple of damaged files (probably from...
  3. re:

    Seems to be a couple of ways to go. One is through Device Manager......deleting the wireless adapter and re-booting. Vista will apparently re-install the adapter.
    Also could use a command prompt...
  4. re:

    Was thinking along these lines as well.
    I noticed that when connecting manually (router is set to 'hidden'), I'll randomly select the network with the strongest signal, even though I know it's not...
  5. re:

    Probably could.....would have to take the laptop over to a friend's house.
    Only thing about that is it wouldn't connect to a new network automatically. I'd have to go through WPS or some other...
  6. re:

    I'd be leaning that way if I couldn't connect at all, but the fact that I can eventually get the laptop connected eliminates, I would think, these possibilities. Not sure if corrupted drivers would...
  7. Re:

    Yes, I've done pretty much everything i can think of, but I must be missing something somewhere.......maybe re-set the laptop adapter?....command line?
    Should mention.......I do have a wireless...
  8. Re:

    No.....have two other desktops that are connected via cables.
    (That thought crossed my mind as well, but I don't have another wireless connection to compare).
  9. problem automatically connecting to wireless network

    Hello.....usually I can figure these things out, but so far, not with this one. Hope I can explain this so it helps.

    I have a 3 year old HP laptop running Vista 32bit. Up until recently, when I...
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