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    This place is a ghost town now!

    Sad, and my fault as much as anyone else who has abandoned it. I owe this place most of what I know about computers. I've even made a fair amount of money fixing PCs and it all started with an...
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    That's funny because I have an original BE6 and...

    That's funny because I have an original BE6 and all the same other stuff, linksys 10/100, SB Live, Intel 2100 DSL modem, and ISA Adaptec prblems whatsoever

    Pull the...
  3. how does that explain the difference... how does that explain the difference between soundblater live, and soundblaster PCI 128?

    You'd PAY to know what you REALLY think! Slack and be the...
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    I play too and am interested in some of the same...

    I play too and am interested in some of the same things mentioned in this post. Would like to try and use my SB128 PCI as some kind of virtual amp. Is that at all possible?

  5. What is the difference between SB Live and PCI128? Please hurry my time is short!

    Just bought a 128, and I like it, but what am I missing that 10 more bucks would get me. I can still return this if there is anything much better about the Live, but time is running out.
  6. Thread: New Sound Card

    by markjs

    All I know is that Creative's SounBlaster line is...

    All I know is that Creative's SounBlaster line is all around outstanding for quality and compatibility, and every time I bought anything but a SoundBlaster, I have been dissapointed. Hope this helps...
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    I had a set of those M$ speakers, and they rock...

    I had a set of those M$ speakers, and they rock HARD, even with an AWE64. Unfortunatly mine were defective, and died a week later. It seems they are out of production so all I could get was a cashe...
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    What's the big deal about SB Live?

    Seems that most everyone is of the opinion that it's the card to have, yet I see umpteen zillion posts about it's problems. I have an AWE/64 SoundBlaster, and I have been told that the human ear...
  9. Thanks mole....I thought maybe....better be...

    Thanks mole....I thought maybe....better be looking for a hard drive soon I'd guess. And some ram....would 64 prolly be ok or is 128 a must? (I am flailing financially)

  10. SB Awe 64 ISA....good card? Bottleneck in games?

    The system: AMD K6-2 400mhz on Matsonic 6260s 1mb cache, 48mb PC100 ram, 16mb Quantum 3d Raven AGP (Voodoo Banshee), SB AWE64 ISA, 16x Funai CD-Rom, 1gb and 500mb (C and D respectively) Western...
  11. Sound Blaster 16/AWE do they stack up?

    I use a soundcard that win98 reports (in system under control panel), as a Sound Blaster 16/or AWE 32 plug&play. I find it to have great sound quality and have never experience any problems with it....
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