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  1. YMF744. I have at present its original driver on...

    YMF744. I have at present its original driver on CD which is currently installed. I just wonder if I can update it though it don't have problems.
  2. Need updated Yamaha DS-XG driver for 98SE

    Somebody recommend a good download site for Yamaha DS-XG driver for Win 98SE; it seem it is DSXGWDM.EXE but it's hard to download from Yamaha itself 'cause downloading is always cut-off.
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    Subwoofer in Soundcard Out

    I'm a VCD watcher and plan to connect a subwoofer to my Pentium 3 533mhz Yamaha Xwave-6000 soundcard out. Is there a mismatch? BTW, is the soudcard out the same as in ordinary stereos Line Out(low...
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